The Yoga classes at Nāṭya Mandir are suitable for all ages, beginners and for dance students. Hatha-Yoga which consists of physical exercises (āsanas) and positions in coordination with correct breathing are taught. Each position has a positive impact on the entire musculoskeletal system, on the internal organs and on the psyche. Relaxation, breathing exercises, eye exercises and concentration complement the āsanas.

Based on the yoga teachings of Svami Yogeshvarananda Rādhā Añjali has learned Yoga since her early youth. For many years she studied Yoga also under her parents.Together with her parents she visited India and took part in yoga classes in the ashram of Pahalgam and Rishikesh.  Other important encounters have been with Swami Satyananda (Yoga School of Bihar) Swami Sanakananda from Ayodhya and Dr. Swami Gitananda from Pondicherry.

Svami Yogeshvarananda Sarasvati ji Maharaj, was known as Vyasa Deva before he became a Sanyasi. He never revealed his parentage and family as this was common under Hindu Sanyasins. In his early youth he left his home to study under great Gurus and was living a life of extreme austerity, mainly in the Himalayas for purpose of self realisation. His entire life was devoted to the ancient science of Yoga and to impart the  knowledge he had gathered from many great ascetics as well as from his own spiritual experiences. He has left behind a vast collection of very well documented books, kept in Yoga Niketan Ashram's library. He left earth in 1985. 

Yoga Niketan Trust Muni-Ki-Reti, Ramjhula P.O. Shivanand Nagar, Pin-249192, Rishikesh, India.

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