The Nāṭya Mandir Dance Company consists of dancers who received their training from Rādhā Añjali in the Nāṭya Mandir school. In addition to their training in Vienna, most of them have intensified their training during study visits to Chennai, India. Many dancers have also learned other  forms of dance during their studies. 

The connection they have amongst each other is their enthusiasm and love for Bhartanāṭyam. The creative potential that arises from this fact makes a valuable  contribution to Rādhā Añjali's choreographic work.

Bharatanāṭyam is a solo dance in its basic structure. However, by adapting the classic repertoire for the group, new aspects and dimensions emerged and the traditional topics are also presented in a way that is understandable for a western audience.

The repertoire of the Nāṭya Mandir Dance Company includes classical dances in solo and group choreographies, which are danced to classical South Indian (Carnatic) music, as well as contemporary interpretations and new choreographies. 

The contemporary choreographies created by Rādhā Añjal for the dance project „Samgama“ are based on the structure of Indian music and the rules of classical Indian dance art, but they are expanded by new movement patterns, other instruments as well as contemporary topics and cross-cultural content.

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Natya Mandir Dancers in costume

and casual. Photos by Jahan Saber

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